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About Us

About Us

a funny thing happened on the way to d road

We waited, and waited, and waited to get our costumes. Did we collect our costumes on our designated collection day? No! Why not, you ask? We were at a fete, of course!  All the waiting we did gave us a chance to meet and lime (hang out) with fellow masqueraders, but it’s Carnival….who has time to wait, forever, for a costume? Our overall experience with our band was outstanding! Our band was amazing! The costumes were creative and beautiful. The food….ahhhh, the food was delish. The drinks were flowing and the vibes were oh so right! The only criticism was the costume collection.  On the D Road, we heard from other masqueraders, and the general consensus was that costume collection could be better. We saw a need, and so we are filling it. Less waiting, more feting.


By trade, we are an MBA, IT Developer, and Attorney. We put our smarty-arty brains together and came up with the Carnival Connect. We are a United States based organization with some Trini roots. We hope Carnival Connect serves the bands and the masqueraders with not only organization, but also with Love.


to culture

Carnival Connect is committed to the preservation of the Carnival culture. In an effort to sustain the authorizing bodies that preside over and ensure the success of Carnival, Crop Over, and Junkanoo, Carnival Connect will make a donation for every masquerader that uses Carnival Connect, on the behalf of their band, to the authorizing body of that country. In order to receive, one must give. It is our honor to be of service.

Carnival is much more than just bacchanal, it is an expression....a celebration of freedom & resilience. - Carnival Connect 

FAQs & Glossary


Q: How far in advance does a band need to sign-up in order to make use of Carnival Connect?

A:  A band will need to sign up and be paid in full at least 35 days before their event date.

Q: My band is already past the 35-day window to use Carnival Connect. Can we still use this service?

A: Yes, you can still use this service. It will be considered a "Rush" order and will incur an additional $500 charge. Contact us, and we'll get started.


Q:  How long does it take Carnival Connect to set a distribution schedule up and running?

A:  Within 10 business days.

Q:  How often are masqueraders booked to collect a costume?

A: Masqueraders are scheduled for costume collection in 3-minute increments.

Q:  How is this service cost-neutral?

A:  The $6 USD per masquerader fee along with the $500 USD set-up fee can be incorporated into the masquerader costume fee. A total of $7 USD per masquerader will more than cover the cost of utilizing Carnival Connect.


Q:  What about masqueraders that don’t use Carnival Connect to book a costume collection time? What about the Masqueraders that just show up?

A:  Bands will only be charged a per-user fee for masqueraders that use the distribution schedule; bands will not be charged a per-user fee for masqueraders that don’t use this service. Masqueraders who don’t use this feature can still be seen via the online check-in service.  They will have to be seen either at the end of a distribution day, when there is an open slot, or on the overflow day. The costume number will still be used as the unique identifier and those masqueraders not using the service will still have to “check-in” via the front desk attendant.

Q:  Can my Band get a discount if we use Carnival Connect again in another country? 

A:  Yes, bands utilizing Carnival Connect for events in multiple locations (countries) in the same year will receive a 50% discount on the yearly one-time set-up fee. The per-user fee still applies. Simply contact us, and we'll get started.

Q:  I have more questions. How do I speak with a live person?

A:  Contact us through the chat in the lower right-hand corner. Provide us with your name and phone number. We will call you as soon as possible. We will be calling through WhatsApp. Please make sure you have this app installed on your phone.


Event - The event, i.e. Carnival, Crop Over, Junkanoo, that your band is using to streamline costume distribution using Carnival Collect.

Distribution Schedule Calculator - Based on your anticipated number of masqueraders,  the number of terminals, and the daily number of hours for distribution this calculator will automatically calculate the number of distribution days. It will also tell you how many masqueraders can be scheduled/seen per day. It helps to determine the optimal time/date/terminal combination for costume distribution. This information will help to generate the Distribution Schedule.

Workflow Recommendations Calculator - Although your distribution schedule may be for a certain number of hours per day, the actual time to distribute costumes maybe longer. This calculator will help to determine the actual time it will take to distribute costumes per day based on your human resources.  


Distribution Schedule – The customized band page that contains the schedule your band uses to distribute costumes based on the Distribution Schedule Calculator. It is the schedule that the masqueraders will see to schedule a collection time.

Terminal - Computer/laptop stations used for costume check-in and distribution.

Costume Station - Stations/people used to actually hand costumes to masqueraders. 

Online Check-In Service -  An online, customized, integrated Trello Board used to check-in masqueraders on the days of costume distribution.

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Contact Us

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